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Tattooed buisness men?

There must be a a couple, but do you know any buisness-type men that have some tattoos?

Posted by japanese horror show

You would be surprised at what corporate people have under their clothes. Tattoos and piercings in ALL walks of life. Wish you stated why you were asking this question.

What tattoo do women like on men?

Posted by Daniel D

I like tattoos on men. I especially like it when they have a story behind their tattoo, for example a memorial tattoo, or a tattoo in honor of graduation, or a tattoo because it was a gift. Any tattoo is a good tattoo as long as it has a reason behind it.

Are tribal tattoos for men?

I would love a tribal backpeice done but people keep saying that tribals are for men. I'm a tallish size ten women, would i look too butch??
I am naturally quite feminine looking,

Posted by Lisey

To me that's just opinion. That's like saying getting a lotus blossom should just go on women. The important thing is a good artist and placement on the body. To me ink accents the body. Probably the idea of tribal just for men goes back to early tattooing in the islands were it was part of manhood rituals. I don't think it would make you butch to get some tribal on your back IMO.

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